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Wise words on religious freedom

Seeking “a cease-fire in the culture wars,” Elder Dallin H. Oaks, member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and former justice on the Utah Supreme Court, gave a speech late last week on “Religious Freedom in a Pluralistic Society.” His remarks at Claremont Graduate University […]

How well did Utah taxpayers and economy do in the 2016 session?

From the Sutherland Institute perspective, the 2016 legislative session was a good one for both taxpayers and the economy. Taxpayers were spared from varied attempts to extract more money from their wallets, including a proposal from some in the business community to take 20 percent more of Utah taxpayers’ income by hiking income tax rates […]

Reflecting on conservatism as Legislature winds down

Although the 2016 Utah Legislative Session is winding down this week, two proposals – namely, legalizing medical marijuana and banning so-called “non-compete agreements” – are forcing Utahns and policymakers to re-examine their core beliefs. Because we are in Utah, that means forcing Utahns to decide what it really means to be conservative. Just this week, […]

The business of business is … raising our taxes?

What moral or ethical reasoning justifies taking hundreds of millions of dollars from the collective paychecks of Utah’s middle-income, working families and taxpayers? In the minds of part of the business community, it appears to be future economic growth and long-term government planning. These are the lead points offered in support of the proposal from […]

Nonbinding nonsense: questionable tactic for the frustrated

Groups that have had their political and ideological agendas frustrated by Utah’s constitutional order and the conservative instincts of state policymakers have recently begun pursuing a new tactic in their crusade to moderate and “sophisticate” the state’s prudent management of taxpayer resources. They have proposed statewide “nonbinding votes” of the people. The idea of the […]

Op-ed: New hate-crimes bill does not reflect spirit of ‘Utah Compromise’

(S.L. Tribune) Progressive advocates have proposed new hate crimes legislation (Senate Bill 107 – Hate Crimes Amendments) that seeks to increase punishments for criminals whose offense intentionally targets a gay, lesbian or transgender individual. A year after the “Utah Compromise” on LGBT nondiscrimination and religious liberty, this ought to be a time of hope for […]