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The (legislative) game is afoot

We’ve collected some great little tools to get you primed for this year’s legislative session: Here’s a quick video tour at the Capitol showing you where to find what. Learn how an idea becomes a law in this snappy little infographic. Get the dulcet tones of the House Vote Chime on your phone with this […]

Utah Right On Crime: A conversation with Texas Right On Crime architects

We have the perfect primer for anyone looking to understand Utah’s criminal justice reform efforts and the Right On Crime initiative. Sutherland’s Derek Monson had the chance to sit down with Jerry Madden, the 20-year Texas state legislator who spearheaded criminal justice reform in his state, and Mark Levin, policy director for Right on Crime, for […]

Making peace with prosperity

About had it with the chaos of Christmas commercialization? Do yourself a favor and read Arthur Brooks’ New York Times column, “Abundance Without Attachment.” The ever-inspiring Brooks explains that while economic prosperity has brought much of the world out of the choking grip of poverty, this same prosperity can chain us again if we let […]