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Making peace with prosperity

About had it with the chaos of Christmas commercialization? Do yourself a favor and read Arthur Brooks’ New York Times column, “Abundance Without Attachment.” The ever-inspiring Brooks explains that while economic prosperity has brought much of the world out of the choking grip of poverty, this same prosperity can chain us again if we let […]

Hear Sen. Mike Lee and Arthur Brooks Speak Live in SLC!

Please join us for an inspiring evening with Sen. Mike Lee and Arthur Brooks, president of American Enterprise Institute, as they discuss how conservative principles can truly help Utah’s poor and middle class access the American Dream. You will have the opportunity to meet Sen. Lee and Mr. Brooks during this motivational event at La Jolla Groves […]

Why a distilled-spirits lobbyist agrees with us on alcohol laws — Sutherland Soapbox, 9/23/14

This post is a transcript of a 4-minute weekly radio commentary aired on several Utah radio stations. Utah and its elected officials are often lampooned for the alcohol/liquor laws and regulations of the state. The laws are usually portrayed as draconian, backwards and unnecessary. As most of you know, Sutherland Institute believes strong regulation of […]

Is it to be civil debate or ‘stamp-’em-all-out’?

In a revealing Twitter exchange, Heritage Foundation’s Ryan Anderson and The New York Times’ Josh Barro debated whether human beings who support traditional marriage are “people unworthy of respect” and whose attitudes should be “stamp[ed] out, ruthlessly,” in Barro’s words. The duo also sparred on what the marriage debate is really about: the “definition of […]

Video: A citizen’s guide to the Utah marriage case, Part 2

httpv://youtu.be/ImG5KSTuU7U   Bill Duncan, Sutherland Institute’s director of the Center for Family and Society and executive director of the Marriage Law Foundation, provides a citizen’s guide to the key arguments before the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in the Utah marriage amendment case. Below is an an outline of what Bill explains in the Part […]