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Sutherland releases 2014 Legislative Scorecard and Lifetime Legislator Scores

SALT LAKE CITY – Sutherland Institute released today its 2014 Legislative Scorecard. Using 17 pieces of legislation considered during the 2014 legislative session for the Senate and 18 for the House (not all bills overlap between chambers), Sutherland produced an … Continue reading

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Obama: I don’t know anything, and what I say means nothing

Back in November, I collected a few instances of the left calling out President Obama for his claims of ignorance on a spate of issues — NSA spying, Obamacare, IRS targeting, Fast and Furious gun trafficking, the AP reporter harassment and … Continue reading

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Hobby Lobby at the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court decision in the Hobby Lobby religious freedom case is important for many reasons; I’ll just cite a couple. First, the precedent set in the law because of the decision will either strengthen or weaken the ability of … Continue reading

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On Point at the Capitol: advice from women in politics, 3/14/14

In this episode of On Point, “Holly on the Hill” blogger Holly Richardson interviews several Democratic and Republican state legislators about the highs and lows of the 2014 session and finds out how they got started in politics. The legislators, … Continue reading

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Weakening the ‘old habits of decency’

A wonderfully stated warning regarding the effect of government largesse: A sentimental utilitarianism argued that prosperity would abolish sin. It was a shallow argument, ignorant of history; for had it been true, all rich men’s sons, these many centuries past, … Continue reading

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Graphic: A bill’s long and winding road

Here’s a fun, easy-to-understand graphic on how a bill becomes a law in Utah. (Click to enlarge.) You can print it out and follow along with the 2014 Legislature …

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Turns out Common Core is not STEM-friendly

“As we have pointed out, standardization is inherently designed for standard, not exceptional, achievement. Because statewide standards in Utah and other states, including Common Core, are of the type that lead to standardization, it is impossible to assert as a … Continue reading

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Meet this 13-year-old and his #hackschooling revolution

Thirteen-year-old Logan LaPlante has two big goals for when he grows up. He wants to be healthy and happy, and he figures his education should play a serious part in that effort. He has crafted his education to include activities … Continue reading

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‘Fruitful fields and healthful skies’

During this Thanksgiving season, particular thanks should be extended to Sarah J. Hale, “editress” (as she called herself) of the Lady’s Book and the reason we have a national day of thanksgiving today. Hale worked for 15 years placing “papers … Continue reading

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The unmasking of the new liberalism

Think back to late 2008. Many in the country cheered the coronation of the new liberalism: the über-confident, unstoppable, aggressive expansion of government powers, entitlements and welfare. Flash forward to the present, as Washington Post opinion writer Charles Krauthammer describes … Continue reading

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Obama now lying about his lies

The following post is a transcript of a 4-minute weekly radio commentary aired on several Utah radio stations. America tends to be pretty forgiving of its fallen idols. Bill Clinton and Tiger Woods immediately come to mind. We get it. … Continue reading

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The know-nothing president

The bastion of right-wing loonery known as “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” is finding it difficult to buy President Obama’s standard crisis communications line of, “I found out about it when you did.” This past Monday, Stewart lampooned the … Continue reading

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This one infographic illustrates America’s financial peril

Ricochet’s Jon Gabriel put together this infographic illustrating the extreme state of America’s finances, brought to you by a bipartisan coalition of fast-spending Republicans and Democrats:   A sobering infographic, to be sure, but it pales in comparison to this … Continue reading

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How Obamacare is hurting its supposed beneficiaries in Utah

One of the many bitter ironies relating to the creation and implementation of the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, is how it is hurting many of the people it was supposed to help. A new illustration from data analysis and … Continue reading

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‘Breaking Bad’ reveals the sad joke of ‘victimless crimes’

As “Breaking Bad” winds down its fifth and final season, one of the most heartbreaking episodes (and that’s saying something) from the highly acclaimed AMC series comes in the middle of the second season. Episode 6, “Peekaboo,” finds Jesse (Aaron … Continue reading

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