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A glimpse of the years together

Imagine your spouse 20 years from now. Now, think about how they’ll look in 40 years. How about 60 years? Think about all the experiences you will have over the next decades. The children you might have. The grandchildren. The triumphs. The failures. Good health. Sickness. Stress. Relief. Pain. Joy. One lucky couple got a […]

Crowdfunding and ‘little platoons’

Want to see what a strong civil society looks like in practice? Then you need to meet Austin Niehus. Austin was born with Goldenhar Syndrome. The National Craniofacial Association defines Goldenhar syndrome as: A congenital birth defect which involves deformities of the face. Characteristics include: A partially formed or totally absent ear The chin may […]

Top 5 highlights from the 2015 Utah legislative session

Of the 833 pieces of legislation that were introduced this session, below are five that are especially noteworthy. HB 333—Budget Reserve Account Amendments Utah lawmakers once again showed they are serious about their fiscal stewardship by raising caps on state “rainy day” funds. HB 333 will put more taxpayer money into savings, instead of using […]

The (legislative) game is afoot

We’ve collected some great little tools to get you primed for this year’s legislative session: Here’s a quick video tour at the Capitol showing you where to find what. Learn how an idea becomes a law in this snappy little infographic. Get the dulcet tones of the House Vote Chime on your phone with this […]