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How Utah’s election process works: caucus/convention system and signature gathering

Utah has two ways candidates can get on their political party’s primary ballot. A candidate can gather a certain number of signatures to get on the ballot A candidate can also earn a spot on the primary ballot by receiving at least 40 percent of delegates’ votes during the party convention. Candidates can choose either […]

Obama: The X Factor

No matter how you slice it, Democrats have been throttled at both the federal and state levels since Barack Obama took office. NPR’s Mara Liasson offers up several interesting theories as to why: midterm elections, bad luck, Democrat indifference, and urbanization. But in the end, the gobsmacking result is the same: Democrat strength has been […]

Governor Gary Herbert and Pamela Atkinson launch the 2016 Homelessness Campaign

The Pamela Atkinson Homeless Trust Fund receives non-tax-deductible donations from individuals and businesses on their state tax form. All donations to the fund go directly to service organizations statewide. The annual tax campaign highlights the opportunity Utahns have to donate directly to the trust fund, which enables vital assistance and services to individuals and families […]

Why do we feel less safe?

If, since 1993, firearm-related homicides have declined by 39 percent, and nonfatal firearm crimes have declined by 69 percent, why do polls show that most Americans feel less safe today than before 9/11? One possible answer comes from an insightful Intellectual Takeout piece: As society breaks down through the dissolution of family, neighborhood bonds, and […]

3 Americans on train gave others the gift of courage

Fear is contagious. But so is courage. Courage is contagious, and it recently helped save dozens of lives in France. As you’ve probably heard, last week a terrorist with ties to radical Islam attempted to murder dozens of passengers aboard a high-speed train in France. Three Americans made sure that didn’t happen. Airman 1st Class […]

Abortion’s deserved decline

The recent uproar over Planned Parenthood’s callous treatment of unborn babies has certainly been appropriate. How can you not be outraged when one of Planned Parenthood’s top official’s words and demeanor convey a repulsive message along the lines of, “You know, I crush below and I crush beneath so I can preserve the organs, and, […]

Law professor on how Utah balanced religious freedom, LGBT rights

This week we had the opportunity to converse with Robin Fretwell Wilson, professor at the University of Illinois College of Law. Professor Wilson talked about what Utah got right as it worked to balance religious freedom with LGBT rights in the 2015 general legislative session. Well, I think the most remarkable thing is you have […]

Reduce poverty with free market

Poverty is not created – it is the natural state of man. For proof, see human history. The question then becomes: How do we reduce poverty? This is the heart of economics: the study of rationing limited resources among unlimited desires. From feudal systems to mercantilism, all historic economic systems had one thing in common: […]