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Principle Matters – Political Power vs. Policy Power

There is exactly one thing standing between the American people and the type of government the founders of the nation envisioned. That one thing? For members of Congress to do their job! For far too long Congress has ceded its authority to the executive branch and the regulatory state. Why has so much power shifted […]

Outdoor Retailer should avoid ultimatums on lands policy

Today, some leaders from the outdoor retail industry are making demands and issuing ultimatums to Utah’s elected officials, threatening to pull the Outdoor Retailer trade shows from the state. Their aggressive actions highlight how the discussion around public land management has been absolutely degraded. So, while questioning our state’s values and love for public lands, their ultimatums are actually […]

Endings Matter

I have spent a lifetime learning lessons from my dad. Some lessons came through our conversations as we discussed simple principles and practices such as seeing the best in people, constantly learning, never judging, pursuing excellence, reading and writing with purpose, servant leadership, and how to help others see and reach their potential. However, one […]

Outrage, riots and knowing where you’re going

It is so easy to get swept away in the fog, rhetorical riptides and tweet storms of the digital age. Leaders can overwhelm the public with a whirlwind of words designed to distract and confuse – often leaving citizens wondering where in the world we are. If we do not know where we currently are, […]

Hyperbolic outrage won’t keep the lamp of freedom burning

President Donald Trump’s divisive campaign rhetoric on immigration, along with the administration’s horrible rollout of his executive order, sparked protests across the country. That spark has been fanned and fueled into a raging flame by opponents and opportunists who have misrepresented what the executive order actually does just to make political points and raise millions […]

Opioid epidemic in Utah

In Utah, and across the nation, we have seen the rise of an opioid epidemic that continues to explode exponentially. It is a topic we have been uncomfortable discussing, but is clearly an issue that must be discussed. There have been a few legislators locally and nationally who have tackled the opioid epidemic head on. […]

Don’t destroy public education – transform it

We don’t need the destruction of public education; we need a transformation of public education. With an eye toward individualization, every kid down every street in America must have the opportunity to learn in a way that unlocks his or her potential. I hope you share my exasperation with the strident voices at both ends […]

Op-ed: You say goodbye and I say hello

Originally published in the Deseret News. On Tuesday, Jan. 10, President Barack Obama will say goodbye to the nation as the 44th president. Just 10 days later Donald Trump will say hello as America’s 45th president. Farewell and inaugural addresses have been with us from the founding of our nation. Endings and beginnings matter. Goodbyes […]

Good enough isn’t good enough

History is filled with once-thriving companies, communities and even countries that decided good enough was good enough. Today, the endless pursuit of maintaining the status quo of “good enough” works well for Washington politicians and insiders, but never ends well for hard-working Americans. While the distraction of political drama and infighting over the status quo […]