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How Utah can prevent the pain of budget cuts

  Want to minimize the negative impact of spending cuts on public schools, law enforcement and other government services during hard economic times – while also keeping state spending under control during times of prosperity? In the video report below, … Continue reading

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Utahns optimistic about their communities – why?

  Do Utahns have greater hopes for the future than people in other states? In creating the ratings for its well-being index, Gallup found that Utahns rank first in city optimism, meaning they believe “the city or area where they … Continue reading

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The Utah Compact, immigration and Sutherland’s role

  How has Sutherland Institute influenced the immigration debate in Utah? Last Friday was the one-year anniversary of the Utah Compact – a document that outlines a reasonable approach to addressing the immigration issue in Utah. At an event to … Continue reading

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$21 Million for Rec Center? Springville Voters to Decide

  Springville residents will soon vote on whether to approve a $21 million tax-funded bond to build a public recreation center. What impact would this bond and rec center have on Springville taxpayers, businesses and families? Watch this video report … Continue reading

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Utah’s fuel act: Helping gas stations at your expense?

  Many people – citizens and lawmakers – would think it ridiculous for government to prohibit R.C. Willey from giving away hot dogs and soda Saturday mornings as an enticement for passers-by to look at furniture. They might also object … Continue reading

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A license for hair braiding?

  Should Utahns have to obtain a state license to do landscape architecture, paint nails or braid hair? The state currently requires professionals in these fields, and many others, to obtain a license to work here legally. Some state legislators … Continue reading

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Halt government funding to Planned Parenthood in Utah?

  As we wrote on August 30, Planned Parenthood Association of Utah receives an average of $152,050.07 each year in state and federal funds. Representative Carl Wimmer (R-Herriman) plans to propose legislation that would restrict Planned Parenthood’s access to government money. … Continue reading

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Next taxpayer-subsidized hotel: Salt Lake City?

  The hotel industry has been attracting many cities in Utah lately. West Valley City has already decided to loan $30 million to a private developer to build a hotel; Holladay wants Salt Lake County to loan it $450,000 to … Continue reading

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Bye-bye, collective bargaining?

  This fall, the Utah Legislature may research the possibility of eliminating collective bargaining for government workers, including employees of public schools. We interviewed Senator Howard Stephenson (R-Dist. 11) and Kory Holdaway, director of government relations and political action at … Continue reading

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Utah charter school shows what flexibility and dedication can accomplish

  What can ambitious students at a Utah charter school with a dedicated staff and clear vision accomplish? Sutherland Daily spoke with Brian McGill, principal of The Academy for Math, Engineering and Science (AMES), and one of his students, James … Continue reading

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Taxpayer tab for UVU employee’s California adventure: $2K

  After a KSL viewer snapped a photo of aUtah taxpayer-owned vehicle parked near Disneyland earlier this year, the state fleet office identified the minivan as belonging to Utah Valley University (UVU). In mid-April a UVU employee drove the vehicle … Continue reading

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Should Utah eliminate safety and emissions tests?

  Representative John Dougall (R-Dist. 27) wants to pass a bill in the 2012 legislative session that would eliminate safety inspections entirely and loosen requirements for emissions testing. He argues that these requirements are unnecessary for many cars and do … Continue reading

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In-depth interviews help shed light on Ogden education debate

  We have been writing a lot about the Ogden School District’s decision to sign its teachers on an individual basis and to move toward a pay-for-performance plan. These steps are important ones that could gradually help change the landscape … Continue reading

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Back to basics: making government effective in Mali, Africa

  Sutherland recently interviewed Yeah Samake, mayor of Ouelessebougou, Mali, to discover which principles have helped him effectively lead a city in the second-poorest country in the world. Watch the video report below to hear what he said: httpv:// Here’s … Continue reading

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‘Free’ lunch for all Utah children this summer – at your expense

  This summer, many government schools (and parks and rec centers) in Utah are offering free meals to anyone under age 18 who shows up, regardless of their need, using federal tax dollars. Check out this video report to learn … Continue reading

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