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Digital learning sparks excitement at Utah Connections Academy

Thanks to digital learning, more children in Utah are gaining access to the highest-quality teachers and curriculum possible. Watch this video report on Utah Connections Academy to learn how this digital learning program is benefiting students: httpv:// Here’s the script … Continue reading

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Video: study shows children better off with father and mother

A new study shows there are significant differences among children raised by gay and lesbian parents when compared with children raised by intact biological families. Watch this video report to learn more from Bill Duncan, Sutherland Institute’s Director of the Center for … Continue reading

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Capitol Daily Video: Legislature approves 90 new liquor licenses

During its special session on Wednesday, the Utah Legislature approved 90 new liquor licenses. Watch this video report to learn more, including an interview with Sen. John Valentine (R-Orem): httpv:// Here’s the script of the video: 

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Children with learning disabilities left behind?

Federal law requires schools to identify children who have learning disabilities and provide them an education appropriate to their needs. Two recent stories have surfaced showing that Utah school districts may be breaking this law. Watch this video to hear … Continue reading

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Video: Marriage gap linked to lack of college education

According to Bradford Wilcox, director of the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia, marriage is losing ground among Americans who are not college-educated. Those who are college-educated stay married longer and have more marital stability. This marriage gap … Continue reading

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Video: Was Utah teacher punished for testifying on union bill?

According to Heartland Institute, Utah teacher Cole Kelley was released from his position as athletic director one week after testifying in favor of a bill that would penalize school districts for not granting equal access to all teacher organizations. Heartland … Continue reading

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Video: What do Utahns think about Common Core?

Last week, hundreds of Utahns packed a room to express their views on Common Core. We interviewed several attendees to hear their thoughts on the issue: httpv:// You can watch the entire two-hour meeting here: httpv:// What do you think? … Continue reading

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Video: Delegates at 2012 GOP convention

On Saturday, some 4,000 delegates gathered to determine which Republican candidates will advance to represent the party in this year’s general elections in November. We attended the convention and asked state delegates at random the following questions: “What is the … Continue reading

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Video: Tax Freedom Day in Utah

In 2012, Utahns had to work 107 days to earn enough to pay all their federal, state and local taxes for the year. If all those earnings had gone straight to taxes, then beginning today, Utahns would get to keep … Continue reading

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Video: Utah experts speak on Obamacare

What are the main components of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA, aka Obamacare) and what does the law mean for Utahns? Watch this video report to hear what Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, Norm Thurston of the governor’s … Continue reading

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Video: U. students kick off transparency project

On Wednesday, students at the University of Utah hosted a public forum to release a set of “best practices” for transparency in local government. This initiative, the Utah Transparency Project (UTP), is supported by Sutherland Institute and other groups from … Continue reading

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Public subsidy for a convention hotel in S.L.?

Salt Lake City is considering subsidizing a convention hotel in an attempt to lure more conventions to the city. According to Bob Farrington, the city’s economic development director, the subsidy is necessary because the market isn’t working efficiently or rationally. … Continue reading

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Taking back Utah's public lands

Governor Gary Herbert has signed HB 148, a bill aimed at restoring public lands to Utah for the benefit of public schools throughout the state. Watch this video report to learn more about what this bill would mean for Utah; … Continue reading

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Economic gardening could sprout with help from new task force

Governor Gary Herbert has signed HB 28, a bill that will form an Economic Development Task Force to find ways to improve Utah’s economy. Economic gardening is one topic that the new task force may address. Watch this video to … Continue reading

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Capitol Daily Video: Common Core and Utah schools

A bill that would give Utah the ability to exit any agreement regarding its core curriculum for public schools has cleared the House and the Senate. Watch this video report to learn more about SB 287: httpv://

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