‘Politics Has Failed: America Will Not’

On Monday in New York, Sutherland Institute was thrilled to announce our partnership with Scott Rasmussen to publish the second edition of his book In Search of Self-Governance. This book contains the kind of principles and patterns for governing our nation desperately needs. We are also looking forward to publishing Scott’s next book, Politics Has Failed: America Will Not, early in 2017.

It has been said that ideas go booming through the world like cannons, thoughts are mightier than armies, and principles have achieved more victories than horsemen or chariots. Inspiring ideas, transformational thoughts and powerful principles – these have been the driving forces of Sutherland Institute from the very beginning.

In his final speech before he passed away, Sutherland founder Gaylord Swim said that the purpose of the Institute was “making sound ideas broadly popular among governmental, opinion, and business leaders, and the citizens generally… The Sutherland Dream is that we will promote principled patterns for governing and adopt and implement public policies that will be the envy of, and set a standard for, the nation.”

We live in a noisy world with a floundering political class and climate. In Search of Self-Governance presents powerful ideas and empowering principles that can elevate our public dialogue around community-driven solutions while engaging citizens in new and meaningful ways. Great minds like Scott Rasmussen (and the other thought leaders the Institute will convene and promote) will help Sutherland sound the certain trumpet of proven principles across America.

Our hope is to turn the attention of our citizens away from Washington and the political class and create focus where it belongs – the local community. Our work with Scott Rasmussen, both in publishing his wisdom and insights along with pursuing community problem-solving – not politics – is vital to the future of our nation. Smaller government alone is not the answer to the issues of our day – America will succeed by fostering bigger citizens, stronger neighborhoods and more heroic communities that can create local solutions.

Sutherland has a vision of America driven by a free market economy, strong civil society and community-driven solutions. In Search of Self-Governance recognizes that community solutions aren’t merely about cutting big government, but fixing broken government. Abraham Lincoln declared that the very purpose of government was “to elevate the condition of men–to lift artificial weights from all shoulders, to clear the paths of laudable pursuit for all, to afford all an unfettered start and a fair chance, in the race of life.”

Confusion, corruption and promises of entitlements have fostered an out-of-control expansion of government and a weakening of the American people. Neal A. Maxwell wisely observed, “I fear that, as conditions worsen, many will react to the failures of too much government by calling for even more government. Then there will be more and more lifeboats launched because fewer and fewer citizens know how to swim. Unlike some pendulums, political pendulums do not swing back automatically; they must be pushed.” Scott Rasmussen is pushing that pendulum back toward the principles of community-driven solutions, self-reliance and self-governance.

Anchored in the principles outlined in this important book, and inspired by our better angels, we believe it is time to send more ideas booming into the world and for our principles and policies to create a movement that will transform lives, communities and the country.

I invite you to join us in a meaningful, elevated dialogue around the principles contained in Scott’s outstanding works – In Search of Self-Governance and, coming in 2017, Politics Has Failed: America Will Not. Together we will launch “a new birth of freedom” and a better future for all.

For Sutherland Institute, this is Boyd Matheson. Thanks for engaging – because principle matters.

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