UtahPolicy.com poll: Most Utahns oppose same-sex marriage

Wedding ringsA new Dan Jones/UtahPolicy.com poll shows that a majority of Utahns are “completely opposed” to same-sex marriage – and “completely support” Utah’s legal defense of Amendment 3:

A new Zions Bank/UtahPolicy.com poll conducted by Dan Jones and Associates finds 53% of Utahns say they “completely oppose” same-sex marriage while another 8% say they are “somewhat opposed.” Just 24% say they “completely support” same-sex unions while another 5% say they are “somewhat supportive.”

This is not a surprise. Although those in favor of “gay marriage” often seem omnipresent in their unbending demands, Sutherland has maintained that there is a large silent majority of people who not only support traditional marriage but outright oppose same-sex unions. They are underrepresented in the media. And they don’t want to be “Eiched” for their views.

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