Is it to be civil debate or ‘stamp-’em-all-out’?

ArgueIn a revealing Twitter exchange, Heritage Foundation’s Ryan Anderson and The New York Times’ Josh Barro debated whether human beings who support traditional marriage are “people unworthy of respect” and whose attitudes should be “stamp[ed] out, ruthlessly,” in Barro’s words.

The duo also sparred on what the marriage debate is really about: the “definition of marriage” (Anderson’s view) or “equal rights” (Barro’s view).

It is a fascinating exchange that offers useful insight into the thinking of many leftists who believe that the marriage debate is simply about “equality” – instead of a fundamental change to what marriage is and means for society – and that those who don’t support their cause are bigots unworthy of respect.

Anderson also delivered an incisive speech at Stanford, along with a compelling Q-and-A session. Both are worth your time.