Watch live stream: Sutherland’s Carl Graham to speak at Heritage on Western states

Sutherland-Coalition-Self-Govt-Logo-200Watch live on Tuesday (June 10) as Carl Graham, director of Sutherland’s Coalition for Self-Government in the West, speaks in Washington, D.C., as part of a Heritage Foundation event. “States of Dependence: Reducing Washington’s Control of the Western U.S.” begins at 9 a.m. MST and can be streamed online.

Here’s more about the topic, from Heritage:

Values and priorities imposed by Washington are disenfranchising rural economies and communities. Nowhere is this more true than in Western states, where large amounts of public lands are managed with top-down Washington policy prescriptions funded by federal dollars. Shifting control of some of these lands to Western states will require charting a course whereby states can responsibly manage these lands and insure benefits to their citizens including the responsible stewardship of natural resources and bringing policy decision closer to home.