Dueling perspectives on the minimum legal drinking age

alcohol babyHere’s the opinion-based conjecture perspective (provided by Camille Paglia and Time):

A drinking age of 21 is responsible for …

  1. Making the U.S. like Third World countries
  2. The global drug trade
  3. Cruelty to young people
  4. College binge drinking
  5. Date rape
  6. Drug use among teenagers and homosexual men
  7. Unexplained suicides and massacres
  8. Prescription drug abuse
  9. The social disconnect of youth
  10. Hardcore sexting
  11. The collapse of “arts and letters”
  12. Tyrannical and dictatorial repression of civil liberties

Here’s the research-based fact perspective (provided by Duke University economist Philip J. Cook):

A drinking age of 21 is likely responsible for …

  1. Lowering rates of traffic accidents
  2. Reducing traffic deaths among teenagers and young adults
  3. Decreasing STD rates among adolescents
  4. Fewer instances of alcohol abuse by young people
  5. Lowering suicide rates for young men
  6. Improving economic productivity and outcomes due to fewer social problems from alcohol

Just a quick reminder of the need to keep public policy in the proper perspective.