Testimony on SB 251 (Amendments to Medicaid and Health Care)

Testimony presented by Derek Monson, director of public policy, Sutherland Institute, on Feb. 27 before the Utah Senate Health and Human Services Committee regarding SB 251 – Amendments to Medicaid and Health Care:

Thank you Mr. Chair and members of the committee. I am Derek Monson with Sutherland Institute, and I am here to speak in opposition to SB 251. Thank you for giving me the chance to explain why.

At Sutherland we recognize the logic behind seeking to expand Utah’s Medicaid program per the vision of Obamacare. Utahns are paying taxes under Obamacare, so why not accept federal funding by expanding Medicaid in order to help Utahns in need, especially when the promise of that funding is so generous? When you focus on the short term, that approach – the path laid out by SB 251 – can make a lot of sense.

But when you expand your view to the long term, the logic for SB 251 falls apart.

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