Time to say no to the real bigots

Evidently when Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer needs an excuse to veto a bill, any excuse will do. As Brewer vetoed SB 1062, a state religious freedom restoration bill modeled after federal law, she settled on a single message: Arizona doesn’t have religious freedom problems. Her veto letter states,

Senate Bill 1062 … does not seek to address a specific and present concern related to Arizona businesses. The out-of-state examples by proponents of the bill, while concerning, are not currently issues existing in Arizona.

The presumption here is that when a conflict between religious freedom and sexual politics does occur (and it will), Brewer will gladly accept SB 1062 back for her signature. But, not to be too cynical, we know that won’t be the case. Brewer vetoed the bill because of political threats from homosexual activists and their corporate lapdogs – threats that were magnified through the echo chamber of “gay-friendly” media. Brewer’s veto is an act of failed leadership and embarrassing cowardice.

Embarrassment. That about sums it up.

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