Sutherland’s position statement on Medicaid expansion

Sutherland Institute understands the perspective of those calling for Utah to follow Obamacare’s vision of Medicaid expansion. The argument sounds reasonable: Since Utahns are paying tax dollars to Washington, D.C., under Obamacare, then why shouldn’t Utah take every Medicaid expansion dollar it can get?

Sutherland also recognizes this as a moment for political courage and leadership. The decision regarding Medicaid expansion is an opportunity for Utah politicians to become statesmen and stateswomen: to rise above short-sighted concerns of moneyed special interests and well-intentioned advocates and, instead, take the long view recognizing the real risks that Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion creates for taxpayers and the neediest Utahns. This is a moment for Utah’s leaders to show why it is and will remain one of the best-managed states in the nation.

Medicaid expansion is an idea that sounds reasonable in the short term, but it’s not. Thoughtful consideration of the issue from a broader, long-term perspective leads to the undeniably logical conclusion that Medicaid expansion is imprudent, irresponsible policy for taxpayers and dishonest, harmful policy for Utahns in need.

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