I’m OK. You’re … well, I’m OK

WashMonument_WhiteHouseAccording to census data, six of the 10 highest-income counties in the United States are within commuting distance of Washington, D.C. In fact, 13 of the 30 richest counties in the nation form a continuous circle around the hallowed halls of power there, cutting it off from the real America both physically and metaphorically.

Our center of public service is also tied for second place in the nation in job creation, with all but two counties in the D.C. metro area below the national unemployment rate.

And, not surprisingly, the Beltway is the only area in the nation with a positive economic confidence index. Why not? The rest of us are paying the bills. They’re just picking who gets the spoils, minus a little something to wet their beaks.

Apparently income inequality is bad for thee but not for me if my job is to take care of flyover country.

I’ll take the whole income-inequality crowd’s arguments a lot more seriously when they start insisting that cameramen and ticket takers get a higher percentage of star actors’ and athletes’ checks, and when pay for “public service” is tied to national averages instead of proximity to the royal court.

Meanwhile, the climate is supposedly cooking on all burners as Al Gore makes a fortune consulting for “green energy” companies; the Hollywood and Wall Street elite fill airports at resorts around the world with their private jets; and our current Secretary of State burns about two-thirds of the average American’s yearly carbon footprint on a single trip to Indonesia preaching about … wait for it … global warming. Just for a little perspective, he burned more carbon preaching to Indonesians about the evils of burning carbon than the amount of carbon an average Indonesian burns in over six years.

Apparently burning carbon is bad for thee but not for me if I’m preaching about the evils of global warming.

I’d take them a lot more seriously if those who make the most noise about “climate change” would reduce their own footprints below those of the people whose lives they want to impoverish through higher costs of everything that uses or is made using energy … which is everything.

Of course they are wealthy enough to buy offsets so somebody can plant a tree somewhere that will presumably photosynthesize their carbon sins away. And our Beltway rulers see their good intentions as penance for the pain they inflict on the rest of us, even if they they profit as a result.

I think we need a modern-day Luther to post 95 theses on a few doors.

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