Testimony regarding HB 311 (Budgeting Amendments) and HJR 11 (Budget Responsibilities)

Testimony presented by Derek Monson, director of policy, Sutherland Institute, before the House Revenue and Taxation Standing Committee regarding HB 311 – Budgeting Amendments and HJR 11 – Joint Rules Resolution on Executive Appropriations Committee Budget Responsibilities:

Thank you, Mr. Chair. My name is Derek Monson, representing Sutherland Institute. I am here to speak in favor of these bills. We view them being really about sustainability and the future. The information that HB 311 creates will create security in knowing we are making budget decisions in the context of the “big picture,” not just in the context of a couple years ahead or behind.

This better information will lead to greater prudence in budgetary decision-making than would be possible otherwise. And perhaps most important impact is that will create more public trust among both current and future generations that we are going to have the service which we all want from our government, including public education, transportation, and a social safety net.

As an example, as a young father I have one child; a 2-year-old girl. And now these issues are on my mind much more, given the world we live in with things like instability and gridlock in Washington, D.C., and other issues we have to deal with that have not existed at the same level in the past.

We think these policies are a step in a good direction to address these issues. And we would encourage your support of them. Thank you.