Meet this 13-year-old and his #hackschooling revolution

Logan LaPlante

Logan LaPlante

Thirteen-year-old Logan LaPlante has two big goals for when he grows up. He wants to be healthy and happy, and he figures his education should play a serious part in that effort. He has crafted his education to include activities proven to produce happiness and health; heavy doses of creativity; technology and online resources; and experiential classes and camps. He calls it #hackschooling. Politicians and policy wonks call it digital learning, school choice or (gasp!) vouchers. This is how Logan explains his view on his life and education philosophy:

This is where I’m really happy: powder days. And it’s a good metaphor for my life, my education, my hackschooling. If everyone skied this mountain like most people think of education, everyone would be skiing the same line, probably the safest, and most of the powder would go untouched. I look at this and see a thousand possibilities: dropping the corners, shredding the spine, looking for a tranny [transition] from cliff to cliff.

Skiing to me is freedom and so is my education. It’s about being creative; doing things differently. It’s about community and helping each other. It’s about being happy and healthy among my very best friends.

You can watch his entire TEDx presentation here.