Liberal fantasies and the promise of conservative common sense

A family devastated when a parent comes home with news that they’ve lost their job. Human dignity crushed under the weight of multi-year unemployment. Hope for a better financial future slowly drained away by a seemingly endless drought of good job opportunities. This has become common for millions of (no longer) working families in America today.

Having overseen this new “progressive era” of economic stagnation, President Obama recently gave a speech addressing economic inequality, calling for an increase in the federal minimum wage (currently at $7.25 per hour) under his vision of how to “rebuild America’s economic and civic foundation to continue the expansion of opportunity for this generation and the next generation.” Since that speech, the president has been joined by local liberal voices in Utah, arguing the economic wisdom of a higher minimum wage because “the jobs that would be affected, mostly retail and food service, cannot be outsourced to Bangalore.”

Unfortunately, this misguided policy proposal suffers from “a reality problem.”

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