‘Like treating cancer with a Band-Aid’

“The federal government has a horrific record on preschool,” writes Joy Pullman in The Federalist.

And she says no one is willing to admit what the root problems are: “The most curious thing about the preschool debate is that everyone acts as if dazed children just pop out of the prairie at age four.”

Of course, that’s not true – the learning gap starts long before typical preschool age, and yet no one is pushing for “preschool” at age 1, which is a lot less easy to promote than a program for a 3-year-old.

She also points out the elephant in the room:

Let me suggest another reason for the correlation between poverty and language loss in this country: fractured families. In the United States, as Brookings Institution research has shown, poverty is essentially the result of bad life decisions, not lack of opportunity. The study found that Americans have a 2 percent chance of living in poverty if they do just three simple things: finish high school (not college), work full time, and marry before bearing children.

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