More lies: the tax lie behind the ‘keep your coverage’ lie

Most of the oxygen in the halls of punditry has been taken up lately by President Obama’s “If you like your coverage, you can keep your coverage, period” lie.

I say it’s a lie out of respect for the president. I think he’s intelligent enough to know what anyone who read or understood the bill – including his own staff and HHS – has known for the past several years: that it would force millions of people off their current plans and into more expensive policies with coverage that they don’t want or need in order to subsidize other people’s insurance.

Sure, he told Newsweek reporter Richard Wolff, “You know, I actually believe my own [B.S.],” but let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and assume even he wouldn’t fall for that whopper. So that means he made a rational if immoral decision to misrepresent the law rather than debate its true tradeoffs. The decision was immoral because it was a blatant in-your-face lie. But it was rational because Obamacare would never have passed had people known that it included a massive hidden tax based solely on age, health, and eligibility for membership in the he-man woman-haters club. And he wanted it to pass.

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