A little more ‘smart growth’ might smart a lot

Ever notice how often obnoxious ideas are given innocuous names? The Affordable Care Act, it turns out, doesn’t promote affordability or care. “Global warming” suddenly became “climate change” when the world’s thermometers inconveniently stopped cooperating with the alarmist meme. And “smart growth” simply puts a smiley-face adjective where the frowny-face “controlled growth” would be more accurate.

That’s not to say that all smart-growth measures are bad. Salt Lake City has adopted several initiatives embraced by smart-growth adherents that make the city more business-friendly and livable. But most of these measures have had more to do with incentivizing investment than in controlling behaviors. That will change, though, as the smart-growth housing agenda moves forward.

People, according to smart-growth dogma, should take up less room and spend less time in their cars. That means corralling and stacking them near their jobs, their (public, of course) transportation, and their recreation. This sounds wonderful if you’re inclined by nature or nurture to be an urban apartment dweller; but unfortunately most people aren’t inclined that way.

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