Of bacon and bad policy

Why do our fearless leaders in Washington continually claim that middle class jobs are their top priority while incessantly inflicting job-killing policies on us? I don’t think it’s an accident or an evil plot (well, not always anyway), but rather a simple case of cognitive dissonance. Let me illustrate.

I’m a big fan of the bacon makes everything better culinary method. I’d put bacon on yogurt, except I don’t like yogurt. And yet I also know that too much bacon is bad for me. So I cool the kitchen with my refrigerator while staring at those savory slices trying to talk myself out of piling pork belly on whatever lesser foodstuff will end up being lunch.

That’s called cognitive dissonance: a mental conflict that results from holding the two incongruous beliefs that bacon is the best thing since (or on) sliced bread, and that it’s also having the same effect on my arteries as pouring wet cement into a standpipe.

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