This one infographic illustrates America’s financial peril

Ricochet’s Jon Gabriel put together this infographic illustrating the extreme state of America’s finances, brought to you by a bipartisan coalition of fast-spending Republicans and Democrats:



A sobering infographic, to be sure, but it pales in comparison to this Wall Street Journal article from last year that details how the federal government’s true liabilities are around $87 trillion. And to help explain why extreme national debt has consequences, Heritage chimes in with an assessment of the real dangers of soaring national debt.

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  • Zabilde

    It needs vertical markers indicating the exact start of each president’s term. The arrows are just a little too vague.

    • Duane

      Furthermore, the President is NOT the one who authorizes spending. If you remember your High School Civics or Government class, CONGRESS holds the purse strings. Or maybe they don’t teach that anymore.

      I notice that the spending RATE increased about the time that the Democrats took over Congress in 2006. It didn’t change much, but it DID increase.

      Really, most of the politicians of BOTH parties are the ones who have done this.

      And most of us have approved or accepted it. Those of us who objected are too few.