‘Progressive’ policies still sapping the economy

I have documented on this blog a set of facts to argue that liberal public policies are undermining recovery of the economy, effectively depriving millions of people, especially low-income families, of gainful employment that would increase their income and improve their lives. Sadly, the harmful impacts of these “progressive” policies have contributed to a new record. (Post continues below graphic.)


According to the Pew Research Center, the current “recovery” is the slowest since Harry Truman was president – for the millennials out there (like me), think World War II era. They report that “more jobs [were] wiped out” in the most recent recession than in any recession since World War II, and that “it’s taking longer to regain them than it did in the previous two post-recession recoveries combined” (emphasis added).

More specifically, after almost four years (42 months) since the recession “bottomed out” in February 2010, the American economy under the influence of “progressive” economic policies has only been able to produce 78 percent of jobs that existed before the recession began.

As I have argued before, the liberal policies of the current administration are clearly not the only cause of the lackluster economic recovery. But they are having a significant impact, and all indications are that the impact is harmful to working families in Utah and elsewhere.

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