Big shoes to fill, for sure – and capable new feet

Concluding speculation about who Governor Gary Herbert would choose to replace Lt. Gov. Greg Bell, on Tuesday, the governor introduced Spencer J. Cox as his choice. Currently serving as a member of the Utah House, Mr. Cox was elected in 2012 to represent citizens living in Sanpete and Juab Counties. Well-respected by his colleagues in the Legislature, Rep. Cox was described by Gov. Herbert as fulfilling criteria he had established for those he would consider for the position:

  • Experience and success in elective office
  • Ability to work with the Legislature
  • Integrity demonstrated in a variety of settings
  • Involvement in the private sector that equips with the understanding of what is required to create jobs; that the government’s role is somewhat limited
  • Fresh perspectives that complement the governor’s own views and characteristics
  • A good “team fit” to function well in the governor’s office
  • Solid work ethic

Rep. Cox impressively satisfies these particulars.

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