Washington Times: Drilling to prosperity – Developing abundant oil and gas resources would revive the economy

(Washington Times) Ordinary Americans are searching desperately for a way up and out of the crater of high unemployment and stagnant growth, and the Obama administration’s only strategy is to borrow and borrow until the economy rises to life. The resurrection strategy hasn’t worked; the way out lies right under our feet.

A study released Tuesday by the Sutherland Institute Center for Self-Government in the West cries out that the development of abundant oil and gas on federal lands would set off a bonanza. All the government need do is step to the side, and the Rocky Mountain states would add between $9.6 billion and $26.5 billion to local economies and create up to 208,000 jobs.

In his successful re-election campaign, President Obama insisted over and over that his administration had not cut off access to public lands for energy exploration, that it’s only coincidence that the issuance of drilling permits and leases had dropped 61 percent since he moved into the White House. The president has the ability to act quickly and decisively, because in Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming, the federal government owns most of the land. A presidential signature could liberate it for development.

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