S.L. Tribune: Fed policies are choking oil and gas in Utah, report says

(Salt Lake Tribune) Oil and gas development on Utah’s federal land could generate up to $6.7 billion in economic activity and 58,000 jobs were it not for excessive regulation, according to a report released Tuesday by a conservative think tank.

“The Bureau of Land Management reports that the approval of new applications for drilling permits on average took 307 days during 2011, which is up from 212 in 2008. Moreover, large tracts of federal lands have been ruled off-limits for resource development under a variety of policies seeking to ensure historic preservation, ecosystem balance, and scenic preservation,” states Utah-based Sutherland Institute’s new Center for Self Government in the West. The findings are based on West-wide research by University of Wyoming economics professor Timothy Considine, whose past work has come under fire for an alleged pro-industry bias.

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