An alternative to Obamacare (that really works)

A Phoenix-area surgeon and adjunct scholar at the Cato Institute highlights a compelling alternative to Obamacare and our current health coverage system:

[T]he only way to make health care more affordable is to diminish the role of third-party payers. Let consumers and providers interact through market forces to drive down prices and drive up quality, like we do when we buy groceries, clothing, cars, computers, etc. Drop the focus on prepaid health plans and return to the days of real health insurance—that covers major, unforeseen events, leaving the everyday expenses to the consumer—just like auto and homeowners’ insurance.

Unfortunately, as Dr. Jeffrey A. Singer notes in his article, Obamacare is taking us in exactly the opposite direction. Read the entire article for insights into how the current system works and how to greatly simplify and reduce its costs.