‘Catastrophically damaging’

Alcohol_bottles_photographed_while_drunkAccording to “economic development” advocates, here’s what “catastrophically damaging” looks like when it comes to drinking in Utah: a few moments of awkward conversation about Utah’s liquor laws when a waiter has to explain to a customer at a restaurant that he or she must order food to get an alcoholic drink.

According to conservatives, here’s what “catastrophically damaging” looks like when it comes to drinking in Utah: a family devastated when a child or parent is killed by a drunken driver; a marriage destroyed when dad comes home drunk and punches his wife over a minor (or major) disagreement; or a life tragically shortened because a family member’s drinking led to cirrhosis of the liver or one of America’s 20,000 alcohol-related cancer deaths.

Which one do you agree with?

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3 Responses to ‘Catastrophically damaging’

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  2. Sky Harrison says:

    These mormon hypocrite lawmakers repeatedly decry the “nanny state” and constantly talk about how government should stay out of the way of free enterprise. In the next breath, these same lawmakers tout public safety as an excuse to add more ridiculous restrictions to a legally sold product. It’s all done while appropriating money and resources to keep alive a massive, all-powerful bureaucracy that micromanages an entire industry.

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