Sutherland Institute Statement on the U.S. Supreme Court DOMA and Prop 8 Decisions

For Immediate Release: June 26, 2013

Sutherland Institute Statement on the U.S. Supreme Court DOMA and Prop 8 Decisions

SALT LAKE CITY – Below is a statement from Sutherland Institute President Paul Mero regarding today’s Supreme Court decisions on DOMA and Prop 8:

Sutherland Institute’s focus is on Utah and, as the recent United States Supreme Court decisions go, regarding special rights for homosexuals in federal employment and remanding the Proposition 8 case back to California, Utah law and policy are not impacted.

While we are disappointed with those decisions from a broader legal and political context, we are pleased that Utah constitutional law defining marriage as between a man and a woman is unharmed.

Of course, Utah politics is different than law and policy and it’s natural for homosexual activists in Utah to be excited about the prospects of changing our laws and policies. But, that’s politics.

For now, nothing changes for Utah in support of faith, family and freedom – each is preserved, though each will continue to come under legal, political and cultural attack from homosexual activists. Sutherland Institute, in coalition with the vast majority of religious and conservative Utahns, stands in that breach.

Sutherland Institute is a conservative, state-based, independent public policy organization located in Salt Lake City. Its mission: protecting the cause of freedom, constructively influencing Utah’s decision-makers, and promoting responsible citizenship. Sutherland Institute is recognized as the leading conservative think tank in the state of Utah.