Take a look at the taxman’s tax map: How does Utah compare?

How do Utah’s income tax rates compare to those in neighboring states, or states in other regions? Is Utah’s sales tax burden higher than other states’? What kind of tax (sales, income, property, etc.) does Utah government rely on the most?

If you don’t know the answers, then keep reading.

The Tax Foundation – a nonpartisan national think tank that publishes information concerning federal, state and local taxes – regularly publishes “tax maps” that compare states across the nation on areas like tax rates, tax burdens, and how heavily states rely on different kinds of taxes.

For the sake of encouraging a more informed public dialogue on taxes in Utah, we collected a variety of these maps to post on our blog. If you want to see the full list of available tax maps from the Tax Foundation, click here. Enjoy!

Tax Burdens – Sales and Income Taxes



Tax Rates – Sales, Income and Gas Taxes





Tax Rates – Taxes on Harmful Substances



Tax Reliance – Sales, Income, Property, and Corporate Income Taxes









There will be a quiz on this information next week. :)

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