Writer uses illegal-abortion case to call for more abortions

BabyboyWhat is the solution for preventing people from killing women and children? Evidently, for the left, it is to make it easier to kill children.

In response to an opinion piece in USA Today blasting traditional media for ignoring the murder trial of Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell, who is accused of performing illegal abortions that resulted in the deaths of several young woman and multiple live-born infants, pro-choice feminist Irin Carmon blamed abortion regulations that she claims are meant to drive abortion clinics out of business and drive up the cost of abortions. High abortion costs mean women must save money during their pregnancy, she argued, to pay for an illegal abortion at the end of their pregnancy.

Carmon’s solution? We ought to make it easier for women to get abortions and use taxpayer dollars to pay for them.

That’s right. The solution to people killing women and babies is to make it easier and cheaper to kill babies. Such is the twisted and perverted thinking that reigns among liberals who subscribe to the culture of death embodied by easy abortion.

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