Scholar Robert P. George speaks at Sutherland dinner on the pillars of a decent society

robertgeorge2Princeton’s Robert P. George spoke at Sutherland Institute’s annual dinner on Tuesday, giving an impassioned defense of the traditional family structure as the key to a free, prosperous and happy society.

“Although no family is perfect, no institution matches the healthy family in its capacity to transmit to each new generation the understandings and traits of character,” he said in his speech.

“Every institution in society depends on something it cannot produce — that is, there being an ample supply of basically decent … men and women” who have learned their values in the family. “And if the family doesn’t produce them, they will not be produced.”

Here’s what the Deseret News reported:

Princeton University professor Robert P. George, once dubbed by The New York Times as “this country’s most influential conservative Christian thinker,” spoke to Utah leaders and students about the importance of protecting traditional marriage at a dinner hosted by the Sutherland Institute on Tuesday and a lecture at Brigham Young University’s Wheatley Institution on Wednesday.

George emphasized the biologically intact family as an indispensable pillar of a decent society.

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