The Iron Lady’s legacy

Margaret_Thatcher_1983The legendary Margaret Thatcher, former prime minister of Britain, has died at age 87. The Iron Lady led Britain through the 1980s, bringing unions to heel, producing a dramatic turnaround in the British economy, and working with U.S. President Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev to end the Cold War.

As National Review Online said in its obituary,

Margaret Thatcher … the greatest peacetime British prime minister of the 20th century, and her achievements in foreign policy were second only to those of Churchill.

In domestic policy, she reversed the decline of the previous 30 years and revived both the British economy and the British spirit. In foreign policy, she was instrumental to the free world’s victory in the Cold War — a victory achieved “without firing a shot,” as she herself phrased it.

Here’s a video of Thatcher giving her pithy opinion of socialism during her last speech in the House of Commons in 1990. Here’s another of her speaking about “Thatcherism” and unions.

One more: “There is no such thing as public money; there is only taxpayers’ money.”

Bravo, Mrs. Thatcher, and thank you.

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