Why George Washington deserves to be celebrated

Are you old enough to remember when George Washington’s birthday was celebrated as a separate holiday in February? An ebook at What So Proudly We Hail looks at why our nation used to (and still should) celebrate Washington’s life in particular. Here’s an introduction from the website:

On the third Monday in February, Americans set aside a day to honor and celebrate the birthday of America’s first president. Or that’s the idea. Over time, the significance of the day has waned, as we now celebrate Presidents’ Day sales more than we do the presidents. And although the federal holiday remains “Washington’s Birthday,” the change in the popular conception of the day to “Presidents’ Day” has caused some confusion regarding whether we are honoring only Washington (and perhaps his fellow February giant, Lincoln), or all presidents, regardless of merit. So why should a nation that loves equality single out one man for special honors?

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