Spinning the news to create wedges in Mormondom?

Just a quick thought on how the pro-homosexual media spins even the clearest statements to favor its ideological … oops, I mean journalistic … opinions. The Salt Lake Tribune’s religion reporter, Peggy Fletcher Stack, relishes every opportunity to create wedges within Mormondom, point out Mormondom’s uniqueness (which she thinks is peculiar) and otherwise create policy relationships between Mormons and homosexuality where none exist.

Case in point: her recent article about the Boy Scouts of America.

In writing about the decades-old debate about allowing homosexuals to serve as Scoutmasters, she not-so-subtly slips this paragraph into the mix:

If the proposed change moves forward, however, it could bring the Scouts into alignment with the LDS Church’s policy of allowing chaste gays to serve in volunteer positions.

“Chaste gays”? Her implication is that human beings can be “born gay” and that when Mormons are “born gay” they are allowed to hold LDS Church callings as long as they don’t have homosexual sex.

The truth is that no human being is “born gay,” having their agency ripped from their souls, wherein they must “choose” between being their “true” self (i.e., having homosexual sex) or their tortured, sacrificial self (i.e., not acting with moral integrity regarding their “true” self). Hardly a choice.

The truth is that any faithful Latter-day Saint may be called to and hold appropriate Church callings – no matter their private thoughts. Being “faithful” means, in fact, matching your behavior and lifestyle to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Yes, the LDS Church is bending over backward to explain and expand on the hope that has always existed for people struggling with homosexuality (attractions or behaviors). That is far different than what Ms. Stack portrays: the LDS Church on the precipice of undoing doctrine regarding sexual morality and moral agency.

And she’s the person assigned by The Salt Lake Tribune to cover religion in Utah. Go figure.

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