Did this year’s Sundance feature too much sexually explicit content?

By Jeff Peterson, Deseret News — Sex was definitely on people’s minds at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival.

The annual celebration of independent filmmaking that takes place each January in and around Park City raised more than a few eyebrows with what many felt was an overabundance of sexually explicit content from this year’s lineup. There were depictions of deviant, taboo and, in some cases, illegal sexual activity.

Before Sundance even got under way, a Utah conservative think tank called the Sutherland Institute posted a petition on its website asking Utah to end state funding of the festival based on what the group described as obscene and pornographic content, making reference to specific movies from the 2013 lineup. …

As the festivities got going, though, it wasn’t just conservative groups that took note of all the racy subject matter.

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