Don’t vote blindly on judges: Here’s where to find information

In all even-numbered years, Utahns have the opportunity to choose whether judges should keep their jobs for another term in office. In the 2010 election, many voters were frustrated by the lack of useful information about the judges on whom they were supposed to vote.  As a result, many people voted randomly or simply didn’t vote on any of the judges.

To fix this problem, the state of Utah created the Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission (JPEC). JPEC has been working diligently to compile comprehensive evaluation reports on all judges who will appear on this year’s ballot.  These reports are now available to the public at

JPEC evaluation reports include:

*         Whether the Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission recommends that the judge be retained in office;
*         How attorneys, court staff and jurors rated each judge;
*         How courtroom observers evaluated each judge; and
*         A clear, easy-to-understand description of the judge’s performance on the bench

Judges’ rulings profoundly affect Utah counties and citizens. It’s important that voters be as informed as possible when they go to vote.

Additional information about the commission as well as judicial evaluations on all the judges can be found at  Readers can search for a judge by name or select the county in which they live and link to all judges who serve in that county. In addition, the JPEC Facebook page and Twitter page (@UtahJPEC) can answer questions.

— Contributed by the Utah Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission