Why Orem residents are right to fight UTOPIA tax sneakiness

Deseret News columnist Doug Robinson sums up perfectly why Orem residents are pushing back against new taxes to pay for UTOPIA.

More than 5,000 Orem residents signed a petition to force a property-tax referendum in November 2013. That means the tax increase will be frozen until after the referendum. City officials are sweating bullets.

What’s the big deal about a few cents a day, they wonder?

That sort of thinking is the problem — and the genius of the tax system.

Don’t you see what’s happening here? Taxes are raised incrementally, so nobody notices. A little this year, a little next year, a little the year after that. A little more for the county, a little more for the city, a little more for the state, a little more for the feds. Everybody’s got their hands out asking for just a little, so nobody gets upset, and look where it’s left us after decades of asking. In 2009, a median-income American family of two parents and three children paid 25.3 percent of its income to federal, state and local government. One-fourth of its income.

It began with a few cents. And a few more cents. And a few more cents.

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