Ryan’s honesty quiets the booing at AARP

You heard that vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan was booed when he spoke to the AARP about Medicare and Obamacare. But did you hear the rest of the story? Those boos subsided, and here’s why, from Grace-Marie Turner at National Review Online:

What wasn’t widely reported is that the boos subsided and the applause increased as he explained how Obamacare harms Medicare and how the Romney/Ryan plan would save it.

“We respect you enough to level with you . . . about the clear choices we face on Medicare, Social Security, the economy, and the kind of country our children will inherit,” Ryan said. “Seniors are threatened by Obamacare, a law that would force steep cuts to real benefits in real time for real people. Meanwhile, younger Americans are burdened by an ever-growing national debt and a diminished future.”

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