Liberal economic policies are killing jobs (part 2)

As a follow-up to a previous blog post about how liberal public policies on a federal level are contributing to the pitiful number of job opportunities for low- and middle-income families since the end of the recession in 2009, here’s a rather depressing fact: Less than 60 percent of Americans have had a job now for 40 consecutive months. By comparison, before the current presidential administration, no fewer than 60 percent of Americans were employed in any given month for more than 23 years straight (280 months).

In fact, in the more than two years (27 months) since Obamacare was passed, the proportion of Americans with a job has never risen above 59 percent. The last time that this was the case (pre-Obama)? 1984.

This is just more evidence that liberal public policies kill growth in the economy. In other words, putting liberal thinking and policies into practice means that more low- and middle-income families struggle to obtain life’s necessities and remain stuck at the bottom of the economic ladder.