Utah Legislators Have Strong Words for ALEC Opponents in New Video

Utah Legislators Have Strong Words for ALEC Opponents in New Video
Sutherland Institute also announces sponsorship of 2012 ALEC Annual Meeting

SALT LAKE CITY— In a video released today, several Utah legislators express their support for the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) while making pointed comments about the claims made in the video by ALEC’s detractors.

“I don’t see this secrecy” alleged by opponents, says Sen. Curt Bramble, R-Provo, an ALEC board member and a Utah state chairman for the council. “There are allegations from the left, from very left-leaning, very liberal organizations that are attempting to attack ALEC that are making claims that I have not experienced in my 12 years of association with the organization.”

Later in the video, Bramble adds, “ALEC is educational; it educates legislators on conservative principles, limited government, open markets, less regulation, more individual freedoms and accountability. Those are the things that ALEC is founded on, and educating legislators in that arena is no different than Planned Parenthood or the left educating legislators on very liberal progressive policies.”

Sen. Wayne Niederhauser, R-Sandy, says the charge that ALEC is a vehicle through which corporations dictate policy is “completely untrue.” Niederhauser also explains the principles guiding Utah legislators as they work with ALEC.

“If you don’t like free markets, limited government, federalism and Jeffersonian principles, you’re going to hate ALEC because that’s what they stand for; that’s the principles that we base all our model legislation on,” he says in the video.

Sutherland Institute is supporting ALEC through a major sponsorship of ALEC’s 2012 Annual Meeting, held in Salt Lake City July 25-28.