How to look up a bill on the Legislature’s website

The state of Utah has an excellent legislative website. This site has a wealth of information available to responsible citizens … if you know where to find it.

Today I want to go over the quickest way to find and read the text of a specific bill.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Go over to the upper right-hand corner and select the session from the dropdown menu under “Quick Bill Lookup.” Enter the bill number, the bill sponsor’s name, or the subject that the bill addresses; then click “find.”

Step 3: You will then be brought to a “Search Results” screen. To read the bill, click on the “Bill/Link” column corresponding to the bill you want to see.

Note: Many bills have several entries. Often a bill will be amended as it goes though the process. If enough amendments are made, the bill is rewritten or substituted. Multiple entries mean multiple substitutions. For the most recent version, select the one with the highest substitution number (in this case S02) at the end of the bill number.

You can also see how this bill did and who voted for or against it by clicking on the link in the “Status/Votes” column.

Step 4: After clicking on the bill number from the last page, you are brought to the bill’s home page. To read the text of the bill, click on the version of the bill you would like to read under “Bill Text.” Introduced is the text of the bill when it was, well, introduced. Amended shows the text with amendments. The Enrolled version is how the bill reads in the law (if it makes it that far – many don’t, as is the case with this bill).

From this page, you can also watch or listen to discussion on the bill by clicking on a link under “Committee Hearings/Floor Debate.”