How marriage affects the economy

Marriage and Eco Well BeingWhat do personal choices regarding marriage have to do with the economy? Quite a bit, according to a number of studies. Take a look at this report, a synthesis of recent research regarding marriage and the economy, which Sutherland co-published with the Marriage and Religion Research Institute.

Although the paper was released some months ago, we’d like to highlight its important findings now, keeping in mind the elections this fall and the current sorry state of the nation’s economy.

Americans need to realize that their choices regarding marriage – in other words, how they choose to channel their sexuality – affect not only their finances, their stability and the well-being of their children, but also the financial health of the nation. The results of recent studies “have profound implications for both the household economy and the national economy,” according to the report.

To find out more – including how these issues are intertwined with income, welfare and children’s economic well-being as adults – read the paper here.