‘Gay-rights’ advocates who turn into bullies

President Obama is in favor of same-sex marriage. So is Senator Harry Reid – always referred to as “a Mormon” when he is at odds with his own church. And now Mitt Romney – always referred to as “a Mormon” when, well, always – has to defend his political correctness by insisting that he didn’t know a kid from high school was struggling with homosexuality when he helped to hold him down and cut his gay-looking hair.

In the midst of the new hysteria over bullying and tons of homosexual agitprop in the media, a controversial bill returns to the Utah Legislature to criminalize bullying, especially the bullying of kids struggling with homosexuality or “gender identity.”

Evidently there is a link between bullying kids struggling with homosexuality and teen suicide. Of course this claim is an old one: People struggling with homosexuality kill themselves because … because … other people who should love them tell them that homosexuality is wrong or a sin, or, even worse, because of disapproving comments from teen peers. And so they kill themselves. 

While it is certainly true that teenagers claiming to struggle with homosexuality attempt suicide more often than their non-struggling-with-homosexuality peers, most don’t attempt it. This fact doesn’t lessen the tragedy of any child committing suicide. It does mean that teen suicide isn’t a social problem, let alone an epidemic, worthy of legislative pre- and proscriptions.

Everyone who knows me knows that I hate bullies of all stripes. Bullies are cowards among other things and those other things include bullies who feign victimhood while perpetrating the crime.

Enter the homosexual movement.

Homosexual advocates are some of the most pathological bullies I’ve met. They think they’re something (i.e., “gay”). They want us to think that about them too. And when we don’t, we’re [insert whatever derogatory name you’d like: bigoted, mean-spirited, hateful, etc.]. It’s no small irony that these folks are at once truly the biggest sissies on the planet – sissy in this case defined as hypersensitive and whiny – and then make Bull Conner look like Elton John in their hateful anger toward anyone who dares to disagree with them.

So we’re told – and this goes to the heart of their psyche – people struggling with homosexuality are unhappy, perhaps even suicidal, because of everyone else. Their unhappiness has nothing to do with them. And in that light there is little anyone can do really – there’s certainly no piece of legislation – to save a life, except to express wholesale public approbation of homosexuality and to shun, criminalize and even imprison anyone who thinks, let alone speaks, that homosexuality is unnatural, unhealthy, immoral, unproductive, harmful to children, etc.

I wonder what sympathizers of “gay rights” think they’re actually helping? In fact, someone thinking they’re helping a teenager struggling with homosexuality by mollycoddling him in the delusion that he isn’t really the master of his own fate can only think the boy was “born that way” and “he can’t help it,” meaning he has no human agency to decide his behavior or future, so someone has to step in.

Of course one thing we do know does not help is physically hurting him or sadistically brutalizing him emotionally. This raises another no-small-irony: For people like me (i.e., “the enemy”), showing genuine affection and compassionate interest in this boy isn’t permitted in the politically correct world of homosexual advocates. No, the ONLY acceptable response by people like me – the only way this boy will be made whole and not kill himself– is for us to embrace the Big Lie that people are “born that way” and to capitulate on every political, legal and moral ground regarding the public policy of homosexuality. Only then can we evil-doers be cleansed of the Real Sin at work: our opposition to homosexuality.

I’m repulsed when any youth is tormented by a bully. But I am absolutely sick to my stomach when youth struggling with homosexuality are told by “responsible” voices that they have no choice, they’re “born that way,” their fate is sealed and that to live up to their foreordained “divine” potential they must sodomize someone of the same sex – not only own it but embrace it and fall asleep every night in the knowledge that this sort of “commitment” to their true personhood is the essence of human virtue.

The homosexual community and their sympathizers are the real bullies, and now that our culture has lifted the lid off of the stigma associated with that bad behavior, we’re seeing what real bullies can do. Some bully will always slug another kid for being different. But now every kid who does think he’s different will receive an even worse blow to his human condition: He’ll be told incessantly that he’s not really a virtuous man unless he gives in to his true identity (which, by the way, includes an act of same-sex sodomy somewhere along life’s journey). That kind of bullying is not only wrong and immoral – it’s shameful.

I’ll be the first one to protect any kind from a bully. That’s why I wrote this.

Updated 5/15/2012