Well-Being Index gives marriage a thumbs-up

A recent Gallup survey provides another confirmation of the value of marriage to individuals. The survey, which is particularly valuable because of its large sample sizes, shows “highly statistically significant” differences in well-being between those who are married and those who are not. Scores on the survey’s Well-Being Index were almost 10 points higher for the married (68.8) than for those who were divorced (59.7) and more than 10 points higher for those who were separated (55.9).

Critically, the differences based on marital status were more significant than factors of race, age or gender. Well-being scores were higher for those who were single or widowed than those in a “domestic partnership.”

Marriage is more than just the satisfaction of the adults involved, but the benefits to spouses are significant and important, and this confirmation of yet one more contribution of marriage is helpful.