Center for Responsible Citizenship Newsletter – March 29, 2012

1. Federalism and the Role of the States

By William C. Duncan and Matthew C. Piccolo 

A key element of the United States Constitution’s defense of liberty is its system of divided powers and defined jurisdictions; not just between branches of the national government but also between the national and state governments. This latter concept, federalism, is specifically provided for in the Constitution which allots to the national government certain specific, enumerated, powers and directs that there are some powers that cannot be exercised by the states. It then provides: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

This division of authority and jurisdiction, with most authority retained by the states, provides essential protections to citizens from the dangers of a centralized administrative state. …

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2. Stakes Are High as Supreme Court Takes On Obamacare

By Stan Rasmussen 

The United States Supreme Court heard oral arguments this week in what many consider one of the most important, consequential issues presented in the nation’s history: challenges to the constitutionality of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) – the sweeping health care law enacted by Congress in March 2009. Due to the extraordinary nature of the matter, the court called for six hours of oral arguments. The court is expected to issue its decision by the end of June.

Among the many entities pursuing legal challenges to the PPACA are a majority of states – appropriately and necessarily so. …

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3. Economic Gardening Could Sprout With Help From New Task Force

By Alexis Young 

Governor Gary Herbert has signed HB 28, a bill that will form an Economic Development Task Force to find ways to improve Utah’s economy. Economic gardening is one topic that the new task force may address. Watch this video to learn more from the bill sponsor Representative Brad Wilson (R-Kaysville).


4. Going Upscale in Downtown S.L.

By Pamela Whitmore 

Five years ago backhoes started ripping two old, not-so-upscale malls and surrounding buildings in downtown Salt Lake City into rubble. Now, after an immense amount of construction, the new City Creek Center is open.

City Creek is remarkable not only because of its size, architecture and array of retail offerings, but it’s also being hailed as possibly “the largest privately funded development project in the United States,” even as the U.S. retail industry lingers in its state of stagnancy.

It’s good to be reminded that true private enterprise is possible.

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