Economic gardening could sprout with help from new task force

Governor Gary Herbert has signed HB 28, a bill that will form an Economic Development Task Force to find ways to improve Utah’s economy. Economic gardening is one topic that the new task force may address. Watch this video to learn more from the bill sponsor Representative Brad Wilson (R-Kaysville):.


Here’s the script of the video: 

VOICE-OVER: A bill that forms an Economic Development Task Force to address ways to improve Utah’s economy has now been signed by Governor Gary Herbert. Representative Brad Wilson is the sponsor of House Bill 28.

REP. BRAD WILSON: “House Bill 28 brings together a group of legislators, community, business leaders and folks from the private sector and collaborates hopefully on ways that we can strengthen Utah’s economy.”

VOICE-OVER: Representative Wilson says an area of focus for the task force will be to help homegrown Utah businesses expand and ensure government gets out of the way to allow businesses to thrive.

REP. WILSON: “This task force will take a look at a lot of different issues that affect the economic development climate in the state of Utah, but we know that 95 percent of the jobs created in the state are going to be created by small business, so I would suspect that the lion’s share of our efforts are going to be spent on looking at what we can do to help existing businesses in Utah grow.”

VOICE-OVER: As part of its focus on small businesses, the task force may look into a strategy called “economic gardening.”

REP. WILSON: “At the end of the day I hope that this economic development task force comes away with a number of things, but one of those outcomes should be a strategy of how we can support these small businesses in the state with the resources and information they need so they can compete on a global basis and create jobs, and I think that’s really in a lot of ways what I understand economic gardening to be.”

VOICE-OVER: Sutherland policy analyst Matt Piccolo explains why Sutherland strongly supports economic gardening and how it will help lead to more jobs in Utah.

MATT PICCOLO: “Economic gardening is an entrepreneur-centered approach to economic development that connects entrepreneurs with information and tools they need to grow. The record on economic gardening is clear: It’s been successful in many parts of the U.S., including in Littleton, Colorado, where the city’s job base has doubled over two decades and in Florida where a recent two-year program led to more than 3,200 jobs. We look forward to working with this new legislative task force to see how economic gardening can lead to more jobs for Utahns.”

VOICE-OVER: For Sutherland Institute, I’m Alexis Young, reminding you that public policy changes lives.