Sutherland hands out Legislative Scorecard for 2012

Sutherland Institute announced today its 2012 Legislative Scorecard. Using 12 pieces of legislation from the 2012 legislative session for the Senate score and 13 for the House, Sutherland produced an individual score for each legislator and an overall score for each body. The Utah Senate scored 81 percent on the “conservative voting average,” while the Utah House came in at 75 percent.

You can find the 2012 Legislative Scorecard here.

Senate highlights:

  • 13 of 29 senators scored 100 percent
  • 20 scored 90 percent or better
  • Two senators tied for lowest at 25 percent (Luz Robles and Ross Romero)

House highlights:

  • 21 of 75 representatives scored 100 percent
  • 36 scored 90 percent or better
  • Mark Wheatley scored the lowest in the House at 20 percent

Sutherland Institute thanks all members and staff of the Legislature for their dedication to making Utah a better place to live, work and raise a family.